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My dear Readers and Followers,

step by step my blog is growin up as my social network and this is happening because of you. So, as I already started to do in last weeks, I am going to share some discounts reserved to me by some shops online where I generally buy products for me or for some gifts. There are different objects, accessoires and services, so you can find what is your interest and anyway I will update the list according to my purchases and offers.

Hair products

The products offered by HairBurst give you the chance to take care of your hair with success. You can find on the website shampoo, elixir for the volume, vitamins and so on. Click on the brand and you will get a special treatment.

Home decor and design

Thanks to Confident Living you can find a big variety of products to bring to your house a touch of style and of design. Pillows, furniture and many other useful and original objects are available for you. Click on the brand and then use the code BBCLW6F7 to get 10% off.

GPS locator

Do you want to be sure alaways where are your childrens or your dogs? Use the GPS locator, it is small and you can put it on their neck and then monitor their position on your mobile. You can find this useful product on the online shop of Yepzon and get 10% off by writing the code YP2AA3VL  (click on the brand name).

Outdoor and ski wear

The scandinavian design is ready to support your movements and to protect your body when you go to ski and it is also the best solution for your everyday life. To purchase the products proposed by Five Seasons click on the brand name and use the code FSGOBPQP to get 40% off.


The best team of video gaming is at Fnatic. On the website you can read the blog with news and advices but also buy some products that will help you to have more fun in using videogames with your computer. Click on the brand name and use the code 0VV1CY to get 5% off.

Cellphone fashion

Do you want to share your style trough your smartphone? Go on iDeal of Sweden to find covers and many other accessoires. Click on the brand name and use the code IDEEJ10FV to get 20% off.


If you want to hear music by your devices you can find the best headphones and speakers on Urbanista. Click on the brand name and you will get discounts.


A trendy watch for you is what gives you a new touch of style in everyday life. Go on MVMT to find special models and convenient prices. Just click on the brand name.

Do you have the passion for luxury watches? Mockberg offers a great variety of watches and jewels for women. Visit the website (clicking on the brand name) and write the code MBP0U0MK to get 15% off.

If you like nature you will get crazy for the watches proposed by Holzkern, because they are made with natural material and with a real innovative and attractive design. Click on the brand name and write the code BBHKI1EQ4P to get 10% off.

Grip for cellphone

To keep safe in your hands the smartphone you should use a grip. PopSockets offers you a great variety of grips and it gives you the chance to design your own. Click on the brand name and you will get special conditions.


To have a tattoo on the skin can be funny and glamour, but it is for all the life. Thanks to Inkbox you can have a semi-permanent tattoo, so when you do not need or want it anymore, you can delete it without consequences for your skin and health. Easy to use and limited for the time you like. Click on the brand name and then use the code BBMT1L5A to get 10% off.

White teeth

A bright smile helps you a lot in your social, private and professional life. You need white teeth and you can obtain them easily thanks to Pro Teeth Whitening Co, that gives you specific products. Click on the brand name and use the code PTW2PYQD8 to get 15% off.


Are you searching to take care of your beauty and keep it? The answer is Beauty Charcoal that offers a big variety of products for every needs. Click on the brand name and use the code BCBZ9UDX to get 20% off.

Clothes and accessoires

Poppy Apparel is an online shops for clothes and accessoires. You can find the perfect dress for you or for a gift. Using the code ‘MYANASA‘ you will get 10% of discount.

Luxury and leather smartphone cases

Chargers, cables, cases, wallets and other luxury and leather accessoires are available at Nomad, the brand that offers all what you need to stay connected to the world with style. You can benefit of 10% off just visiting the company website. Click on the brand name and use the code NOBBG89OBV.


I hope you will find what you like, but anyway follow me and stay tuned to get more updates.

Thank you!


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    1. I need great recipes, I am curious to taste something new and special, even do I am not a good cook I am ready to try them. So now you understand why I follow you 🙂

      "Mi piace"


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