Travelling for you

Marcel Proust said: ”The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes”. He was totally right because each time that I go somewhere I improve my point of view, I learn and I try to read the life in a different way, starting from the small things. I focus more on the important aspects of the life. That is because travel is a life lesson and it is not only a matter of places, but of cultures and people met.

I started this blog last January and I am doing it in my free time, because I have a job, a different one. In these months I told you about my travel experiences and also I wrote some opinions about products that I tried. I am not an expert, but I started to travel around the world many years ago for holidays and in last 10 years I went around Italy and abroad frequently for work.

So I learned some tips to select hotels, planes, restaurants and so on. As you know I like luxury and this is one of the main elements, but it is not the only one and the first one, because I want to know better the countries, getting in touch with the people, si I can also renounce to some luxury if I can have the chance to discover something of interesting or to taste something of very particular.


Now I share some informations about my journeys with you and I am really happy for that. I have to thank you because you follow me, my blog and my social network pages on:




Thanks to you I can learn something more, to feel useful and to exchange some opinions, it is really great.

How can I thank you? 


…I can give you some free access and discounts to some services and products that I tried:, the new App to create and share videos, being part of a network of influencers to exchange opinions, tools and cooperation. It will be a platform to find brands ready to sign contracts. It works only by invitation, so if you want to join it use the code ‘MYANASA

Brandbassador, if you are an influencer at the beginning of your ‘career’ and you want to practice this platform is properly what you need. You can start immediately to cooperate with brands, selling products, writing comments create Instagram stories and so on. Just click on the link on the name and subscribe. You can connect all your social profiles. You need to take a look at Brandbassador, it is awesome. I’m pretty sure you’ll love it!

The Guide to find cheap flight tickets and travel with all comforts around the world. You can have the book full of useful advices to save money for only 7 USD, just click on the link.

The Beauty Charcoal to have always white teeth and keep and improve your beauty. Clicking on the link you will get an interesting discount.

Poppy Apparel is an online shops for clothes and accessoires. You can find the perfect dress for you or for a gift. Using the code ‘MYANASA‘ you will get 10% of discount.

I used all of them and I am completely satisfied.

If you continue to follow me and you will help me to grow I will share more travel news and also some special presents.

Check out all the offers and news.

Stay tuned!

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