The summer outfit

August started and many people are on holiday, finally the moment to rest and have some fun far from daily work is arrived, but there is a doubt: what to wear? The outfit, to be glamour and properly dressed for any occasion. It is a matter that interests women and men as well, because the image is important. Be trendy helps in social life. So how to choose the best outfit.

The personal taste must be followed to personalize the outfit, but if you want to be at the top you need to apply some rules. First of all you have to decide how you want to appear. For instance if you are searching for casual clothes you can follow some simple steps, because also to be casual you need to pay attention in choosing your clothes. I learned it traveling, each country has its own culture and so also a a specific dress code. Some clothes can be offensive. Anyway now it is good to remain focused on summer.


Summer casual


First of all choose a shirt that gives you the chance to move your arms easily and that is not going to make your torso warmer. In summer tank tops and sleeveless shirst with a pair of jeans or shorts are really popular as option for a casual style. If you have trousers you can use sneakers, meanwhile with shorts is better to use flip-flops. Comfort with some attention to the details is always quite important especially when you are on holiday.

Since the temperature is hot you have to prefer cotton, linen and athletic fabrics, material that allow sweat to evaporate. You know how sweat and the spots on the clothes are unsightly. Button-down shirts are always a good choice for all occasions. About socks, wear them only with sneakers. If you go out in the evening and there is some fresh air, maybe too much, have with you a cardigan, it looks great even on a t-shirt with shorts.

As underwear you can have your swimsuit, so in the appropriate moment you are ready to enter in the water. If you have meetings not around the pool or the beach do not go only with your swimsuit. If you want stay cool, choose breezy dresses to fight the hot temperature and mantain your body fresh and comfortable.


Being elegant in summer


Are you invited in some party? Is a good idea to add some elegance. How? A woman can easily cure some detail to be perfect so it is not necessary a tailored style to be forma, but just choose something comfort as a button-down shirt made from cotton, chiffon and rayon. Luxurious material for the shorts help to show a smart style. It is allowed also to use some decoration with chiffon overlays, ruffles or lace.

Above 35° C linen is the best choice for your clothes, especially if you are taking part to a party or to a special event because you need to avoid sweat or at list to limit it as much as possible. The colour is also important. In summer you can follow the trends and almost everything is allowed, of course if well paired, but if you want to be sure to have success in any occasion a black dress is the right choice.





Hat and sunglasses are useful to protect you from the sun, so use them without exagerating with the sizes. They have to underline the facial features. Among the most used objects there is your phone. You use it for a selfie with your friends, to show a picture or to answer to some messages and to post on your favourite social network. It is almost all the time in your hands.

So why not dress it like you? Despite the mobile model that you own, you can choose a cover coordinated with your clothes colours or maybe with a specific design according to the season. Imagine to be in a party with your smartphone covered with flowers or with a design that remind the sea. You will leave a positive, trendy and original impact on your friends.

Traveling I noticed that many people pay attention to the devices, they ask news about your model and hot it works and you know very well that the last iPhone or Galaxi are a status symbol. A good cover is highly recommended to have ”success‘ during your summer meetings, as the outfit that you will use. I discovered Velvet Caviar, an online shop with a big choice of covers, charger and other accessoires very fancy and trendy.

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Choose your favourite one (or more than one) and put it on your phone, you will get the attention from your friends. Do not forget that your image is made by the details, so take care of them.



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