Russians and luxury: holidays in Cortina

Cortina d’Ampezzo is chosen by Russians to spend their luxury holidays in the Italian mountains for the Orthodox Christmas.

One of the most luxury well known villages in Dolomiti, Veneto region, is Cortina d’Ampezzo. Sinche tha last two centuries the turistic place was chosen by nobles and VIP to spend their winter holidays. Now, according to the Italian financial newspaper Sole 24 Ore, visitors from Moscow are coming to celebrate the Orthodox Christmas on 7th December.

The reason is easy: thanks to the shops present in the village they can do shopping of fashion and hard luxury. Thy prefer to buy clothes, accessoires, jewels and watches. Also they prefer Cortina d’Ampezzo because there are luxury hotels and spa, as well outlets with the most famous brands. The tourists can also take part to exclusive trips around the region and to spiac food and wine tasting.

If you like mountains, Dolomiti are one of the best places to ski and to spend your holidays and if want to feel like a VIP, you can choose the luxurious Hotel Cristallo, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa. It’s the first five stars hotel in Dolomiti and it offers to its guests a first class service.

The marvellous rooms are fully equipped and you have a magnificient panorama from windows and balconies. You can enjoy the three restaurants and the wellness area. Cristallo is part of The Luxury Collection by Starwood and you can also go with your pet, because they are admitted. After a day at Spa you can go around and also do some shopping.

In the central Corso Italia there are the most important shops with the main brands for fashion and jewelry, but also antiques and luxury shops for gifts. Cortina d’Ampezzo its the best destination for winter not only for Russians, but also for Italians and as well people from all over the world, because it is possible to enjoy a great atmosphere and be pampered all the time, as a king or a queen.




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