Luxury and performance for Bmw Series 6 Gran Turismo

Self drive and gestural commands are the main peculiarities of Bmw 6 Series Gran Turismo, that unite luxury, comfort and sportivity. Those ingredients are chosen by the German brand to realize all the cars, but the 6 Series GT represent an upgrade of the previous version, the  5 GT. It as the same assistance system to drive and many other features of the 7 Series.

From 0 to 100 km/h in around 5 seconds, the luxury car is really fast and its performance on the road are very high. It was driven by the experts of around Garda Lake and they were completely satisfied. If you need a car for your work trips you can be safe and drive with pleasure, but if you use it to have fun, prepare yourself to live great emotions.

The automatic transmission steptronic 8 reports, the speed and the comfort with premium interiors and pneumatic shock absorbers are ready to give you a very special experience on the roas.  and when you have to park or to check the status of the car, you can use 20 sensors and cameras around the Bmw 6 Series GT. Your guests, especially who will seat behind will be surprised about the space and the comfort.

The added value of Bmw 6 Series GT is the high connectivity: the cloud system help to share information with other Bmw, like news about the traffic and dangers that can be present on the way. Microsoft Exchange allow the driver and the users to synchronize e-mail and meetings on the calendar, using also the datas of the smartphone. Everything is easy to be managed by the color touch screen with a head up display.

Meanwhile you use it, the news about traffic are showed in a line, so you can see them using the other functions on the display. You can use your voice or the gesture to give order to the on board computer. Your new Bmw 6 Series GT is already in the car sellers showroom and you can choose your fuel or gasoline version, both of them with Xdrive. The interiors are available as business, sport, luxury and M Sport. The price is from 60.100 euros to 87.300 euros.



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