Luxury hotel for dogs

Are you searching an accomodation for your dog? Do you want a massage and a pool experience for it? Go to Asia. Now there is a luxury hotel for your four-legged friend.

In Gurgaon, India, dogs can watch TV in the lounge, play with the ball in the game room and sleep in velvet beds. When the owners of the animals enter in the hotel, they must fill a very detailed form, in order to give all the needed information to make the dog confortable. For instance they have to write if it is needed a special diet or if the doggie likes to be touched behind the hears.

In the rooms there is air conditioned, television and also cameras connected to an App that can be used by dogs owners to check the situation live. They have an intensive 12 hours program to play, eat, swim and to get relaxing massages, then at 8 p.m. it’s time to go to sleep. It is possible to choose the type of the room for your doggy. They have honeymoon suite or the one with the balcony, but in case you agree to share, there are confortable triple rooms.

The price start from 15 USD per night and goes up to 66 USD per night, it depends on the chosen treatment. They can also play badminton and when they are tired, they can stay in front of TV and eat some buscuits as a prize for the activity done. Inside the building the guests have as well a veterinary clinic available 24 hours to visit and cure them in case of need.

The massages are done with high quality oils for the body and different products for dogs, but for the relax they can enjoy the exclusive bar, where they can find pizza and beer for dogs. Now you can think to send your dog on holiday, maybe you can visit India as well and be in a close hotel and visit your animal time to time.

If you want to know more, check the hotel website:



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