A Luxury Hotel in Miami, inside former Versace’s villa

In 1997 it becames famous because of the assassination of Gianni Versace, then its mansion was used as set for the new season of the TV series American Crime Story, but now the South Beach villa, sold by Versace family, will be a new luxury hotel in Miami. The Mediterranean-style house is going to host a boutique hotel with a unique design, in the opulent lifestyle of the famous stilist.

The name of the new accomodation is The Villa Casa Casuarina, but inside the guests can really live the Versace experience. They can swin in the 24-karat gold tiles pool, sleep on the double-king-size beds with custom-made sheets and to try many other features of the house. On the rooftop there is an observatory with a marvellous view on the sea and with the perfect space to dine in the gourmet restaurant, based in the dining room designed by Versace.

Mosaics are everywhere as the frescos are, made by some artist engaged directly by the stilist. In some of them it is possible to see the well know logo of the fashion brand: the Medusa head. Except few touches to modernize the building, the new luxury hotel kept the original features. The Villa Casa Casuarina is part of the Victor Hotels group. They bought the villa in 2013 at an auction for 41.5 million of American dollars.

Some guests can try directly the Gianni Versace’s bedroom and feel a VIP for all the stay in the stylish accomodation. If you want to visit Miami and do it in the perfect environment, just reserve a room in The Villa Casa Casuarina, you will be for sure satisfied of the experience, being in the environment of a luxury, fashionable and famous Italian villa in USA.



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