The luxury bag shared by mobile application

Louis Vitton chosen Tokyo, together with New York, to establish the highest number of shops because Japan is a trustable country for the business of the famous brand. Now the app for smartphone is changing the market and of course the sector of fashion and accessoires. Consumers are more interested now to borrow luxury objects and this means that the companies need to satisfy the new request.

Now brands are offering to have the expensive products, normally out of the spending possibilities of consumers, just for some time. The past year Eri Fujii, a young lady, became the biggest fan of Laxus, that allow people to share and rent a bag. With a montly cost of 60 euros is possible for members to have a luxury bag in use. Fujii’s favourite object now is a Louis Vuitton bag.

The young lady is manager of an elegant coffee bar in Tokyo and as well of a yoga school. She change the bag once per month, so, as she says, she does not risk to fall in love with it. The application allow members to choose among 22.000 luxury bags and this is an opportunity to have a lot of them and not buy few of them. Now all ladies can be trendy all the time, without spend a lot of money.

Laxus Technologies Inc. launched the app in February 2015 and among a lot of brands proposed to its memeber, it counts on bags by Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi, Chanel and Gucci. Most of them are Italians. Some fashion shops were used to give the service of rent for luxury bags and so on, just for an occasional use, but the price was higher. Anyway the cost of the single transaction depends of the market value of the bag at the moment.

So a person can pay 60 euros to be member of the application and then she can pay the rent price for the needed period calucalted on the value. The positive side is that now many people can go to a party, to an important meeting or just to go out with a luxury bag, but in the other hand the rich ladies of Japan lost their passion for this kind of objects. The main brands lost among 5% and 8% of the sales.

Luxury its usually exclusive, but what is the point to buy an expensive product, if then anyone can have it for a while, maybe during the same event? Anyway Laxus is starting to expand the presence and the next destinations are London, Paris, Hong Kong and Singapore. If you are searching for a luxury bag and you live in those cities, well, keep it in mind.




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