Luxury shopping in Rome

Rome has many attractions of the different historical periods to offer, but visitors can also find great shopping opportunities, especially if they search for luxury goods. There are a lot of malls around the city and also in the surroundings, where to find famouse brands and international products, but one of the peculiarities of Italy are the small shops and the artisans workshops disseminated in the city streets, especially in the centre.

Considering Via Condotti, one of the most famous streets for luxury shopping, it is natural to think about a open air mall. Shops are located one after another, so ou can just walk, watch the windows and enter, then go out and enter again in another store. Instead to be in a modern structure that is similar to many others and most of the times without a personality, you are in the heart of Rome, among the attractions and the historical and prestigious buildings.

In Via Condotti there are Gucci, Prada, Cartier and many others, but the popular shops of fashion, shoes, jewelry and other goods are spread also in the other closest streets like Via delle Carrozze, Via Borgogna, Via Frattina, Via del Corso, Via della Croce, Via dei Due Macelli, Via Margutta, Via del Babuino, Via Vittoria and Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina. Going around in those streets, located few metres from Spanish Steps you will walk in the small ways typical of Rome, feeling the local atmosphere.

Even do you are not searching for any product in particular product, the windows will inspire you and you will be updated on the last trends. A tour in the area is quite pleasant also for who is not a shopping lover. You can always have a break in one of the bars located next to the shops. There are some of them that gives a great experience thanks to the combination of quality, location and service.

I already wrote in the blog about the historical Caffè Greco, a lovely place full of artworks. The Stravinsky Bar, inside Hotel de Russie, offer the poshest place where to have a drink between Via del Babuino and Piazza del Popolo. They bring snacks with your glass of wine or cup of tea. Another space perfect, especially in the warm season, to seat in the luxury neighborhood is Il Palazzetto wine bar, is is located direcly on the main attraction, so you will drink meanwhile people are going up and down on Spanish Steps in front of you.

If you want to see everything in Rome, you definitely have to visit Via Condotti and surroundings, you will like it and you will go deep in another cultural aspect of the city, getting in touch with the VIP. It is easy also to find famous people over there.



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