Wine and chocolate for Valentine’s Day

Finally the day of love came and now you have to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner. Despite the place chosen, the gift bought you will never miss the chocolate, the most important ingredient for today. To taste it in the proper way with the person you love, you have to pair it with wine and to choose of course the best one. Maybe you need some advices. Experts prepared a list for you and I want to share it.

Chocolate is normally sweet but if you pair it with the wine it can become bitter and that is why it is ver difficult to fine the proper bottle. You can not make mistakes tonight. There are a lot of different types of chocolate, but generally you need a wine that can help sweetness to be more accentuated than bitterness. A dessert wine is recommended, because it is fortified with a bit more of alcohol during the fermentation and it is sweeter.

How to pick the proper one? There are excellent bottles coming from various regions and grapes, but some of them can be consumed with all the chocolate varieties. They are fortified and created to be used with sweet recipies. The selection of the sommeliers is mad of four different bottles among the luxury ones, perfect for your Valentine’s Day with you partner.

Port is the firts one, but not just the common one, the suggested wine it Twenty-Year Tawny Port with caramel. The features are the oxidation and the fortification that gives to the product a layered effect of fruit, earth and spice. The experience will not only given by the taste, but also by the smell, really good one and to be paired with the chocolate it gives a unique combination.

In alternative you can buy a bottle of Pedro Ximénez Sherry with an almond cluster, it is the sweetest style of Sherry. The production is quite particular because the grapes stay in a berry before to be pressed to obtain the juice. This method allow the wine to take a very high ratio of sugar and it becomes very sweet, really adapt to be paired with the chocolate and to leave in the mouth a fresh and lifted taste.

Another great wine for this occasion is Malmsey Madeira with a peanut-butter crunch. Created in the Portuguese island of Madeira, this red wine is ”cooked” during the aging process. The tradition way to produce it comes from 1800s and it has a taste that is a combination between tropical-fruit brightness and chocolate, that is why it is suggested for the occasion.

Last but not least is the Banyuls with classic chocolate truffles. It comes from the South of France and it has earthy notes with some poppy dried red fruits and coffee flavours. Banyuls has a strong tannin presence but the chocolate pairing is for sure the best option to drink this type of wine. If you tried you will agree with the wine tasters who segguests to use it for chocolate.

Let me add, if you will eat dark chocolate, one Italian wine to the list. It comes from Piedmont region, close to France, and it is called Barolo Chinato. The cocoa in this type of chocolate is in a very high percentage and this means to have a bitter product, so it si really difficult to fine an adapt wine, Barolo Chinato is great because it balance sweet and bitter taste and it exalts the flavour of the chocolate.

If you are still preparing your Valentine’s Day choose a box of chocolate that your partner likes and buy the bottle of wine among the ones listed and your celebration will be really exclellent, you will be happy about the results.

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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