The elegance of Budapest

My dears, it is passed one week since my last post, but nothing interesting happened to me, I was just working and I did not have the chance to visit some good place to talk about. I like to share my trips and also some experiences that I try in my city, that is why I am going to tell you about my stay in Budapest. Yes, I am in the Hungarian capital for some meetings. The fabulous city is chosen by many worldwide tourists as one of their favourites destinations in Europe. It is easy to unerstand why.

The architecture is marvellous, showed by the majestic palaces present around the center, as it should be for a capital city. The Danube is the element that helps to give importance to the urban area, is running between Buda and Pest, in past two different cities. The centre is now in Pest, but each part has its own attractions. Even do if I am in Budapest for work reasosns, I can not miss the chance to go around a bit.

I decided to start from Buda, where there is the Fisherman’s Bastion, a terrace realized in neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque style on the Castle hill. The view from there is simply wonderful, all the city is in front of you and going around the ancient buildings is like to live the past, the old atmosphere when in the past centuries the life was going slowly. There are some Medieval ruins of a Dominican church and the main buildings where Hungarian kings lived.

From the top it is possible to see the Parliament, one of the most superb palaces that hosts an institution. It is the main attraction of Pest, even if there are many churches and buildings lovery because of their architecture. Its style can be defined Gothic Revival, but there are mani elements and decorations coming from different styles, as the Renessaince Revival chosen for the central dome integrated with a symmetrical facade.

Budapest is full as well of churces and monuments, but for the nightlife lovers the opportunities are so many… Budapest is full of young people ready to part, drinking a beer and listen some good music. Some historical pubs and bars were renewed and now thei are the attraction for who wants to have fun after dinner and during the night. Since the city is the destination of people from all around the world, the locals are open to welcome foreigners and to enjoy together the parties.

I will write other articles in these days to tell you about the luxury accomodation and some other interesting places where to stay and to meet the local culture. Stay tuned.



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