Impressionism in the fortress

I have been to Fort Bard because I wanted to see an exhibition of paintings, entitled ”Northern Lights. Impressionism in Normandy’‘. The artworks present in the three rooms dedicated to the event are made by big names like Monet, Renoir, Corot and others, but there are also paintings signed by less known artists, not all of them coming from Normandy. One was born in Ohio and one in Mauritius.

The exhibition was organized by the historian Alain Tapié with the cooperation of Ponte Organisation of Wien, they collected some uncommon masterpieces of the different authors with the intent to build a pathway to give the chance to the visitors to explore the different expressions of that period between 1800 and 1900. The leitmotiv was anyway Normandy, the beautiful region of France that was represented by the artists with the Impressionist technique.

The natural landscapes with their peculiarities are shown by simple lines and colours spots. I love to see Impressionism, because close to the painting it is possible to see how the artists used the brush strokes. Going far from the painting the landscape is in front of you in all its beauty. The vanguard of Impressionism is an important phase for artists that opened the chapter of modernity. The use of the colours gives emotions and images. Before it was ust to copy from the reality.

I love ancient paintings but that period is amazing because the painters were working more on emotional aspects. By the way the exhibition is almost at the end, because it will finish on 17th June, but if you have the chance to go, do not miss it. There are not many artworks, but they are well arranged, with a good light and the panels with the explanation of the different sections are well done.

This is a great example on how at Fort Bard the Association that manage it organizes great events, with competence and giving the chance to explore also less know aspects of art.


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