The fortress on the rocks

At around 100 kilometres from Turin there is the Fort Bard, a fortified complex built on a rock prominence in the 19th century by the House of Savoy. It is used to hose few museums related to the fortress, to its peculiarities and to the Alps, but it has also an hotel and some spaces for temporary exhibitions. In Italy it is quite well known because of this reason. Art and photography are the main themes of the exhibitions proposed by the Association that manage the Fort.

The first aspect that every visitor notice is the great position of the fortress on the rocks. It is superb to see it from the street, but when you are on the top the panorama is really breathless. The mountains and the villages around looks like a magic landscape saw on a postcard. Directly under the fortress there is the medieval village of Bard, that is also the starting point to go up.

Don’t worry, if you like to visit it and you don’t want to walk there is the elevator. It is free and you need to change twice on the way, because each lift goes to a certain level and step by step you arrive easily and without efforts to the top. From there you will be delighted by the view and then you can go to visit the different exhibitions and museums located in the fortress.

Before to go up you can have a tour of the small medieval village of Bard. There are some interesting decoration and houses, but there is also some modernity and some  elements that are ruining the original strctures. In certain cases also some restauration is needed, but any way you should see the centre with its shops and have a walk around. If you want a coffee or a snack I suggest you, before to go to the elevator, to stop in the bar downstairs, at the entrance of the lifts.

It is called bar ”Al Forte”, not so big, even if it has more space on the first floor, but the design is superb. Under the ceiling made by ancient stones there is a modern setting with mirrors, a big screen that is used to shows images about Aosta Valley. The staff is very kind and the quality of the drinks is good. You can seat and have a break or just recover all your energy to startyour journey into the fortress.


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