Luxury with elegance

In these days on the national Italian newspaper ‘Il Giornale’ I red an article written by Stefano Zecchi, a famous writer and university professor. It is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the book ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and it tells how they decided to realize the movie with Audrey Hepburn. The author of the book Truman Capote asked to the production to give the main role to Marilyn Monroe, but they chosen Hepburn.

Despite the story of the movie what Zecchi is going to underline is the perfect choice to represent the elegance. As always happens in these cases the book and the movie are not properly the same and also the period was changed from ‘40s to ‘60s and this aspect is very important, because in the movie the people are living after the War and they are full of good hopes for the future.

The main point of the newspaper’s article is properly related on how to live the luxury. People can become rich and buy exclusive products and services, but the way how they use what they purchases makes the difference. The movie became an image of the refined luxury, with a protagonist who wants to live New York beyond mediocrity, staying anyway far from raffish. This is really an example on the style is important.

Tiffany gives a lesson on the method to interpret luxury with a class that cancels all forms of ostentation, of displaying the superfluous, of vulgar vanity.  This is the essence of true luxury. I agree totally with the author of the article and with the example gave by Tiffany and as well by the movie. I do not think that the money and what a person can buy with them has to be something to be shown to the others.

I like luxury and I love to travel with all comforts, but it is something for me not for other people. I do not have to demonstrate anything, but I am trying to enjoy the life with my personal style. When I share my experience I have only one goal: give some opinion and advices to people who are searching a new destination, an hotel or a restaurant or maybe to buy a specific product.

What do you think about luxury?



















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