Luxury from the past

Last sunday I spent few hours in Milan visiting ”Amart”, the antiques and art exhibition organized by the Association of Antiques Dealers of Milan. It was really nice to be there. It passed quite a lot of time since my last visit to this type of event and I have to say that in last years the market of ancient artwork was decreasing, not only in relations to the prices but also about the quality of the manufacts.

In this case I saw a great exhibition, full of masterpieces from XII century to contemporary period. There were lovely and important paintings and sculptures, but also some furnishings, silver objects, carpets and many other art examples. In some stands there were antiques from China, Japan and various Asian and African countries. To be there gave me the chance to learn something new about art and history.

Anyway I noticed how the antiques market is going to live again a good period, also if not many young people were visiting the exposition and this is not a good sign for the future. Anyway ancient artworks are considered a luxury, some objects to be bought as investment or to decore prestigious houses. It is true they have this function as well and it is correct to consider those objects as status symbol, but they are more.

To have into the house an antique painting or sculpure is a pleasure. It is a piece of history that can tells a lot, a unique expression of art, a technique to be analyed. So it is a luxury now, coming from the past and staying forever as a witness of a passed period. Each artwork is also an inspiration for a new piece of art, because the real modern artists always start studying the old ways and techniques.

I love antiques and I consider each masterpiece more than a luxury to put in my home.



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