A long weekend in Rome

This weekend is longer in Italy, as it happens in other countries, because on Tuesday it will be the Workers Day, so Monday will be off. That is why I decided to enjoy some friends in one of my favourite cities: Rome. I already wrote about some of my trips to the Italian capital, but I have something new to tell, starting from the hotel I chosen for this time. It is located very close to the Roman Forum and the Coliseum.

The luxury hotel is called The Inn at the Roman Forum and it offers a great position and rooms made according to the modern design and completed by the maximum comfort. The modern and elegant furniture, with marble bathrooms are the ideal setting to live for a while in a tipical noble residence of Rome. The hotel is placed in different buildings, all closed to each other and all ancient, but very well restored and kept.

This structure offers some facilities, but the best part is represented by the ‘Criptoportico‘ an area owned by the hotel, discovered and kept as it was found, just prepared to be visited by the guests. It was built between 50 before Christ and 14 after Christ. There are statues and Roman finds inside different galleries realized by the Romans. It is a real added value and the visit leave without words.

The hotel has also a bar with a small terrace where to have a drink before dinner, but I will talk more about it in my next article. Anyway who stay at The Inn at the Roman Forum can really enjoy the time, because the staff is very kind and helpful and the atmosphere inside the structure is relaxing, it is like to be at home.


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