Luxury shopping in Bologna

Bologna is famous for the history, for the attractions and for the cuisine, but there are great opportunities as well for shopping lovers. I can not say that I like so much to spend time inside the shops, but sometimes it is necessary and for this reason I try to make it a pleasant experience. In the city there is a mall established in 1959 and since that time is hosting the best fashion, shoes, jewelry, accessoires and many other products.

Galleria Cavour host the best shops, located inside historical buildings in the heart of Bologna, offers an amazing setting. The design and the elegance are very well combined in the respect of the artistic environment and of the architecture of the buildings. The boutiques are placed among marble floors, frescoes and ancient decorations. The mall is also loation for important and high-level events made to entartain the international travellers who are visiting the shops.

To go around in Galleria Cavour is like to walk in the past and in the future in the same time, not only for the setting, but for the presence of the brands, able to give to the history showed by the buildings the innovation and the modernity of their creations. Of course it is possible to find the best and the last articles and to satisfy every taste. The luxury mall of Bologna offers a pleasant and unique experience.



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