The tower built with love

In Bologna there are many attractions to be visited, but the most famous is the Torre degli Asinelli, together with Torre Garisenda. The two towers are dominating the city and the tallest one is open for tourists who can enoy a suggestive panorama from the top. They were built during XII century and it is interesting to read the history, that includes a subsidence of the ground that makes Garisenda tower less tall and not completely straight.

Anyway it is more curious to know the legend about the construction of Torre degli Asinelli. There was a farmer with two donkeys and he was working in the field, when the two animals started to kicking like crazy. He tried to calm them down, but it was almost impossible. Meanwhile he was managing the donkeys, he saw a portmanteau full of gold coins. He kept it and he decided to improve the lifestyle of his family, but step by step, in order to hide the treasure and his luck.

In the years his son grew up, he was a charming young man and he fell in love with a beautiful and noble girl. She was attracted as well, but her father didn’t agree with their love, so he said to the guy that he could marry his daughter after having built the tallest tower of the city. Of course it was like an hard task and, considering the condition of the young farmer, it could takes many years to be completed.

The boy went back home and told the challenge to his father, who revealed hime the secret about the gold. In ten years, thanks to the coins he could realize the tower in ten years, dedicating it to the two donkeys. He asked again the hand of the girl and her father could not say no anymore, since the guy won the challenge. It is only a legend, but a beautiful one and you know: in every legend there is some truth.

When you go up in the tower (478 steps without elevator), maybe with your love, you will feel part of the legend. After that long climb you will get hungry and few steps for the tower there is a great restaurant, perfect if you want to spend good time with your love and of course do it with luxury. In Via dell’Indipendenza, close to Piazza Maggiore, the same street of the I Portici Hotel BolognaBologna with style ) there is a five stars luxury hotel called Grand Hotel Majestic.

Inside the building it is hosted the famous restaurant I Carracci, with a superb dining room decorated by frescoes made in XVI century by Carracci brothers and with great paintings on the walls. The refined setting is well combined with the very good dishes prepare by the executive chef and his staff using the traditional recipes of Emilia Romagna with some influence coming from other Italian regions.

The various menu gives the chance to taste the Bolognese cuisine, meanwhile the room present the opportunity to eat in a musuem, full of ancient and precious artworks, in an elegant and quiet atmosphere. During your stay in Bologna, a dinner at I Carracci restaurant is something that you have to do, because you will live a unique and unforgettable experience.



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