A trip to Portofino

When the week-end comes and some sun and warm temperature appear, it is the moment to go somewhere outside the city. What about the sea? I live in a beautiful region, bute there are mountains and lakes, no sea at all. Liguria and the lovely Portofino are about two hours driving far from my city, so it is a chance to spend a day there. The place is amazing and when it is not raining the temperature is finally as it should be during Spring.

Portofino is a quite small village, but the coloured houses are not the only attraction of the area. The Abbazia di San Fruttuoso reach of history, the Castello Brown from where to enjoy a beautiful view from the top of Portofino and surroundings. Many museums and churches deserve a visit and for who wants to swim, under the water there is the statue of Jesus called Cristo degli abissi.

To be in the village and just to have a walk around the marina is already a good reason to visit Portofino. Meanwhile I was there, after a trip in the nature and some moments to admire the panorama from Brown Castle, I had a lunch in front of the bay. I chosen Ristorante Chuflay, part of the Belmond Splendido Mare Hotel located in the famous Piazzetta, in front of the bay.

Elegant and sofisticated restaurant, the Chuflay offers a good menu with local and Italian recipes, served with style by a professional and kind staff. The dishes are very good and the setting is reminding to the typical Italian Dolce Vita, when famous actors were meeting each other in the restaurant and they were having breaks in Portofino. The place is still one of the favourites of VIP who are visiting the area.

Luxury is united to the tradition and the sobriety of the refined furniture. From the tables you can see the life going on in the square and the yachts stopped in the marina. Also if there are many tourists around from that position it is possible to relax and to feel a very quiet atmosphere. In case you have more time to stay in Portofino or you want to spend all the weekend in the area, the Belmond Splendido Mare Hotel has amazing rooms with a great view.




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