A shirt made in Naples

Don’t worry, I will write about pizza, but before I dedicate an article to tailoring, because Naples is really famous in the world for it, especially for shirts but not only. If you walk around the centre you can find many shops with clothes made in Naples, starting from the popular Via Toledo that cross the heart of the city. If you are searching for luxury textiles you can move to Via Chiaia, the street tha takes you to the elegant neighborhood with the most famous shops.

In Naples there is the biggest presence of high-end handmade menswear in the world. That is why many people from abroad are visiting the city and especially the best workshops of the city. Tailoring has the same importance of shoes and shirtmaking and they are part of the excellence coming from the Neapolitan tradition. If some tailors left Napoli to establish their headquarter in London, many others are still on the Gulf of Naples.

Maybe the most well known by worldwide VIP is Rubinacci, located in Via Chiaia. It is more a place for bespoke not just for shopping. A man who enter in the store will find expert tailors ready to show him the best textile and to measure the body. When the clothes will be realized the client will wear clothes perfectly fitting, elegant and on an high quality.

Rubinacci is the historical tailoring of Naples and it offers also accessoires, so a man can find all what he needs inside the shop. Some Rubinacci’s ties are present also in another famous shop of the city: Marinella. It is extremly small, but you will never go out without a packet. For an handmade tie you can also visit Capelli, connected with Sartoria Formosa that proposes nice sweathers.

Among the various workshops there is Anna Matuozzo in Viale Gramsci, one of the best for shirts, to be visited together with the atelier D’Avino, located in the suburbs of Naples but in a beautiful position and with a lot of craftswomen of the tailor shops engaged in the seam of the shirts. These are only few of the tailoring shops that men should visit in Naples.

I can not say that every time I am in the city I buy a shirt or some clothing, but sometimes, to have in my wardrobe high quality and custom-made clothes. Naples is the right place to find them.



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