Capodimonte porcelain as a luxury and precious souvenir

When I visit Naples I usually dedicate some time for shopping because I love the warm welcome and the kindness of the shop owners and also because it is possible to find precious objects. In the city people can have almost everything, but one of my favourite local product, except pizza, is Capodimonte porcelain. The manufactury started in Naples in 1743 and it proposes moduled figurines and decorative modelled flowers applied to vases and cups.

The main factory and few artists are still at work to realize the objects, meanwhile the oldest are quite rare on the market and of course expensive. In the centre of the city, inside the Galleria Umberto, in front of the hotel that I described in the previous article Sleep in a Unesco World Heritage site, there is Barra. It is an art gallery established in Naples in 1922.

Inside the clients meet the kind owner, ready to chat, to show all the collections, explain each object and help the customer to choose the best product according to preferences. In the shop there are lovely products perfect as a gift, but also some very important objects of porcelain made recently. The owner has also a good collection of antique porcelain and paintings, that propose to clients.

You can have the original pieces of Capodimonte. There are of course other places where to find this type of objects, but you need to be careful to check the symbol located on the basis of the object, because there are fake products that sometimes are proposed to tourists, that for sure does not happen in Barra store.

If you are in Naples and you want a special souvenir and of course with a good value you can visit Barra. According to your preferences and your budget you will find an object that is perfect to be showed in your house or become an important gift for someone else. Porcelain is not the only thing made in Naples, infact in next article I will write about tailoring, part of the excellences of the city, well know in all the world.



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