Sleep in Rome like a king

For my stay in Rome I opted for a hotel where I already been in a previous trip to the city. It is the five stars Hotel Splendide Royal, a luxury accomodation part of Roberto Naldi Collection that counts on marvellous hotels in Rome, Lugano and Paris. The three keywords I used for my choice are: comfort, courtesy and location. The prestigious building is in the heart of the elegant part of the city centre. Few metres from the famous Via Veneto, set of the ”Dolce Vita”, and 300 metres from Spanish Steps.

When the porter open the door, the guest enter in a superb hall, connected with spacious lounges where clients can rest and chat. Old furniture, ancient paintings, marble floor and stylish decorations are everywhere, as in noble houses in the past. Royal is not only part of the name of the hotel, but the best adjective to describe the structure. At the reception a kind, but especially smiling, staff is ready to welcome the guest.

Each room is spacious and very well equipped with modern amenities, combined with ancient and rich furniture. The Jacuzzi bathtub is for sure a pleasure, useful to relax after a day around Rome. The view on Villa Borghese park gives peace feelings. Also in the most simple rooms everything is elegant and there is always an entance separated by the bedroom, equipped with desk and armchairs. The suites are special not only for the space, but also for the balconies and the panorama, especially at sunset.

The staff always think to every detail to give an impeccable service, maybe that is why I feel like a king during my stay at Hotel Splendide Royal in Rome. Not only the luxury setting is the reason to visit the structure, because there is also a restaurant that offers great food masterfully prepared, but about it I will write in another article, because it deserve a special place.

Greetings from Rome!



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