Tirana attracts tourist

I arrived in a small city that could be defined as a new destination of worldwide tourists, one of the Western Balkans surprises: Tirana. Albania is not well known and it started to welcome tourists in very recent period, especially thanks to the flight connections offered by different airline companies. The government decided in last year to work more on infrastructures and of course about the attractions the country has a lot to offer to visitors.

The capital city is quite new and there are few monuments or buildings to be seen, but the rest of the country shows amazing landscapes and isolated beaches, even if in some cases they built some big houses on the sand. In Tirana has some museums and for sure the one about local art must be visited, then the traveller has to see Scanderberg Square, the historical mosque Et’hem Bey and a lot of buildings realized by Italians during Fascism, when they tried to conquest Albania. Anyway that period is sad for the local population, so never mention it. Those buildings are hosting ministerial offices and the university.

If you want to have a walk in Tirana, there is a very nice artificial lake surrounded by a big and relaxing park, the ideal situation to have rest, to think and to enoy the local amusement. Infact the park attracts always a lot of people and families. The center of the city is always crowdy, during almost 24 hours a day. The nightlife is amazing, because Tirana offers any kind of place, from bars to discoteques and pubs, with different music and styles. Young people, as all Albanians, are friendly and they love to enoy the life.

As accomodation I decided to stay in a five star hotel, close to the park, the stadium and the university, at the end of the big road that cross the centre, connecting the park to the main square. It is called MakTirana Hotel & Tower, located inside a mall with a cinema. It is the former Sheraton Tirana. The big common spaces and the comfortable rooms are made with a modern and elegant setting, very well organized. Each room has a great view on the city.

The suites are quite big, with a separated lounge area and a small kitchenette. Inside there is everything that a traveller need. In the structure two restaurants, a bar, a pool, and some rooms for the events, but the real special place is the lounge dedicated to the Tower rooms. On the fifth floor the guests who reserved that type of accomodation can enter and just relax, read a newspaper, have a drink or a snack, use the computer and the printer, watch the TV and in the morning to have breakfast. The buffet is completed by a menu from where to order international dishes served by a very kind staff.



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