A night in Istanbul Airport

I have to leave early in the morning and so the best solution is to spend the night in the Istanbul Airport, I will not wake up in the night to reach Ataturk Airport. All restaurants, bars and shops are open 24 hours per day, but I need rest, so it is better to use the Tav Airport Hotel. Thanks to my TAV card I have a discount and I can easily enjoy the accomodation, the lounge and even the fast track to reach the airport, this means I can sleep more time definitely.

One of the elements I like most it is the option to choose how many hours to stay in the room and pay for that time. So if you want just refresh yourself with a swhower and a couple of hours of sleep you can do it, without paying an entire night. The check-in is very fast and the structure is well equipped. They know how to satisfy travellers’ needs. Each room is well equipped with a good space to move.

The minibar is full of different drinks and snacks and you can find all types of toileteries, a bathrobe and sleepers. Despite the position inside the airport the guest can find the perfect silence to rest, without noise from other rooms or from the planes. To not move from the hotel during the stay, there is the option to use the Skyline Restaurant for brakfast, lunch and dinner, with a various choice of Turkish and Interantional dishes to make happy each preference.

As well the restaurant is open dring the day with a bar service and it is always possible to order a fast snack. Tav Airport Hotel provide a great service to the passenger who books a room, giving some luxury as well in settings and equipments. It is a good choice to spend a night in the airport or just to rest for few hours between flights. Anyway if the hours are not so many it is always a good idea to go around, because the shops are very interesting and also the bars and restaurants offers some traditional recipes or drinks to taste.



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