A big pleasure in a small restaurant

Going around in Sarajevo and searching for a restaurant, I saw a lovely place called Dveri, located in heart of Bascarsija. I reserved a table for the next day and after my dinner I was really happy. The setting is cozy, with a relaxing and warm atmosphere spread among the few and well spaced tables present in the restaurant. Some old decorations and flowers helps the dining room to be quite romantic as well.

As it is tipical in Balkans the food is genuine and well cooked. On the menu there are homemade bread, the ajvar (a special pepper sauce that I really adore and I suggest to taste to whom visit the area) and Dalmatian prosciutto. After the starters it comes the moment to taste all the traditional recipes of the area: polenta, goulash and stuffed veals. According to the preferences can be served also less tipical plates like pork dishes or risotto.

To start and to finish the dinner there is always the chance to try the fruit rakia and the Bosnian coffee. The place is small, but the experience is great, as the pleasure that clients can feel during the experience in the local cuisine, well presented and served by the kind and friendly staff. Dveri is surely a must for the visitors in Sarajevo, a good opportunity to know the culinary culture of the country.



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