Comfort and luxury services with TAV

In last days I wrote about Macedonia and Skopje, sharing my luxury Balkan experiences, and I will continue with some other advices in next days, but now I am going to write about the Skopje airport. In reality not only the Macedonian one. As you see in the picture I am getting ready to continue my luxury trips around Eastern Europe, but one thing that I can’t never leave at home is my Tav Passport Card.

That allows me to use the services offered by TAV company in the 64 airports managed by the enterprise in 13 countries in the world. There are three different cards or maybe it is better to say membership levels, to be chosen according to the use. Each of them give some advantages. Starting from the free car park and valet service in the airports, the discounted airport transfers, the fast track, the lounge access and many discounts in the airport shops, in the hotels and restaurants in different cities, mainly in Istanbul and Ankara, in Turkey.

Skopje has a small airport, but very well organized, with a good lounge, but the best experience I had with my Tav Passport Card was in Istanbul. There are different lounges to be chosen, with showers, relaxing area and a great self-service food. Many Turkish and international recipes are prepared by the cooks day and night and card holders can enter without any problems all the time they want and enjoy a complete meal and all types of drinks.

In Istanbul the airport is very big and crowdy, thanks to the card I can reserve a ”meet and assist service”: the staff wait for me at the exit of the plane, they take me with a ring shuttle to the passport control, where I can have a fast line, and then they help me to pick the luggage. With a luxury car and a professional driver I can reach the hotel. When I arrive to the airport and I have to leave, I have the same assistance and I can also do the check-in at the business class desk despite my ticket and enjoy the lounge. They plan the timing of my steps in the airport before the departure.

Everything is perfect and it becomes easy to travel by plane and to spend time inside the airport, also if for some reasons I have to stay more hours. The prices of the cards start from 500 to 2.700 Euro per year and of course the benefits are different. Buying the card you will save the time to pass the controls and to do the duties, so you will be frre to realx, eat or do some shopping.


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