Luxury dinner in Rome for Valentine’s Day

Are you searching a special idea for Valentine’s Day? Why not to spent it in Rome  with a superb dinner with the city centre at your feet? There are a lot of restaurants with a great view, but I tried for you Imago, located on the top of Hotel Hassler in Rome over Spanish Steps, in the heart of the Ethernal City. It is the best frame to celebrate your love and of course to surprise your partner.

The hypnotic view on the bell towers of Trinità dei Monti and on the gardens of Villa Medici is a reason to book a table, but it is not the only one. You will try the original and creative cuisine of chef Francesco Apreda, the real protagonist also in front of the beautiful Rome. The dishes are a great combination among the traditions coming from Campania and Lazio regions but also from India and Japan. High quality ingredients are prepared in a variety of choices to satisfy all tastes.

The best champagne and the best wines are selected by the sommelier to accompany the different recipes. The service is simply impeccable. The maitre and the waiters are available to answer to all the questions, to explain the dishes and to fill the glass when itthe water and the wine are under the level. Everything is perfect, because they take care of you in every moment, since you book a table.

The menu for Valentine’s Day is called ”Spicy fluidity”, it costs 230 euro and it has a fluid element and as well a spicy one, as a tipical feature of the chef. It starts with a stew of turnips and mollusks and it ends with citrus pancakes with cold mango cappuccino. After the luxury dinner you can stay in the Hotel Hassler in one of the luxury rooms and spend the night with your love for a unique Valentine’s Day.



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