Luxury services for travellers: Romanian example

Travel is a great chance to know new cultures, to explore amazing places and to enjoy more the life, but for businessmen is a need. What have in common people who travels around the world for leisure with the ones who travels for work reasons? All of them want to save time. Organize a trip request hours spend to find a good hotel, to plan all the excursions, the transfer and so on.

That is why there are the travel agencies, ready to satisfy the requests of their clients, planning step by step the journey. Many travellers are searching for exclusivity and also for the chance to have a support but to choose each activity when it is necessary, also in their own country for a weekend or just to have a special dinner. They don’t need a travel agency, but a concierge, online and offline.

Around the world many services where settled up with a variety of offers and a well prepared staff ready to suggest or to book a hotel, a restaurant or to organize a trip, a day in a wellness centre or to create an event. A very good example of this type of support comes from Romania. In the European country it has been founded the Luxury Exclusive Club.

A staff with 12 years of experience made in the hospitality industry for 5 stars hotels in Bucharest and in other countries is always available to help the client to find the perfect solution for their stay. To use the provided services it is necessary to sign a membership, but for that the customer receive, according to the level of the assistance a Glod, Platinum or Black card. The client becomes a special guest and she or he can use the website to check hotels and restaurants, as well a spa, but the concierge via phone, e-mail and website is ready to listen the request and work on it.

The Luxury Exclusive Club is well connected with the best structures of Romania and they can easily book a room, a table for the dining and they can do it for a single person, for a family o for a group coming from a company. They are also able to propose personalized holidays. This is real luxury, because you can make a call and someone will organize for you the best trip you want, giving you a special and dedicated assistance.




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