Pay the luxury hotel for the real use

New technologies and luxury hotels are a combination that is growing up day by day. It is difficult to count how many online services and applications are available on the market to book an accomodation and to promote special offers. In Usa now there is one App more, but it is reserved to customers interested in 4 and  stars hotels. The innovative opportunity given to users is the possibility to rent a room in a class accomodation for a short use.

Thinking to the best hotels in the world maybe some people thinks to not have the chance to reserve a stay, but now, thanks to the mobile app Recharge, it is easier and cheaper. Infact the new system is designed to help hotel owners to use the rooms all day. Generally they are booked for the night, because during the day, to rent them just for few hours, also during the day.

In past to use the rooms in day time was risky for illegal activities and as welle there were problems for the cleaning service management and cost, but now the situation and the customer needs changed. Many businessmen are passing by in the cities for their meetings or just to change the plane and this means that they have some free time and they want to have rest and to refresh themselves.

That is why many hotels are proposing to the clients the method of daily use of the room. The price is per hour, so the guest pays only the real use. Recharge App is an instrument for hoteliers, to promote their rooms for a break and the fee is between 30 and 50 USD, according to the hotel rating. Through the application downloaded on the smartphone or tablet people can find the hotel choosing among 20 hotels in each destination and they can book at any time of the day or night.

It is necessary just check the App and see in that moment the available hotels, rooms and prices and in few steps reserve the place. According to the tariffs given, the client can indicate how much time to stay in the accomodation and pay for the time needed. The motto of Recharge is: ”luxury by the minute”. To have more information and to download the application is enough to visit the website



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