Rome: how to be the only guest in the hotel

It is difficult sometimes to define what is luxury, but for sure the news from Rome are giving a good interpretation of the real meaning. The Eternal city is one of the most visited in the world and also the presence of Vatican helps a lot to attract people from all over the globe. It has to be said that not only pilgrims are interested to visit and to know more about the Pope and its life, duties and so on.

Maybe the secret of the real luxury, according to the accomodation, is somehow related to the leader of the Church. Infact from summer a new lodge will open in Rome and the privilege for guests will be to sleep in the bedroom of Pope Innocent III. They will also have breakfast under the frescos made by Francesco Allegrini and they will use a balcony faced on the amazing Piazza Navona and its Rivers’ Fountain made by Bernini.

It will be for sure a priceless experience, even if for the first period clients will pay between 5.800 and 7.600 euros per day. The offer comes from the Holy Deer San Lorenzo City Lodge, created by Giorgia and Stefano Barbini, both of them with a lot of experience in fashion and luxury brands. They already own a lodge in Dolomites and one on the sea, that is the biggest catamaran in the Mediterranean sea.

In June in Rome visitors will start to stay in the new hospitality structure. Luxury is not the main feature of the building, but the real concept of the hotel. There will be only space for one guest and eventualli her or his family. The client will be in a private flat, the one that was owned and used by the Pope and then of Donna Olimpia, the Pope’s lover. It was the noble floor of Palazzo Pamphilj, a palace built in 1650.

To enter it will be possible to pass on the ramp used by the Pope to reach the flat with his donkey. The flat is quite huge with its 400 square metres. The bedroom had an height of 8,5 metres and in case the guest will stay with some childrens, they will be accomodated in a second bedroom. Inside the apartment they will use the fitness corner the library, a music room, a bar room for a cup of tea or a drink. A concierge will be always present, except during the night and he will propose personalized visits of the city.

The luxury experience will be made in perfect Italian style and the luxury will consist in a tailor-made service. The chain will open its first city lodge, but the common element with the mountain and the sea accomodation will be the unique offer to give to the guests an unforgettable holiday in Rome, treated, it is the proper case to say it, as a Pope.



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