Tourism and luxury

As a tradition from 11 to 13 February it will be opened Bit – International Travel Exhibition in Milan. Since 1980 it takes the main tour operators to meet travelers from all around the world. Each country will present to visitors the new proposals in order to attract them and to increase the tourism in their own areas, but according to the different announcements most of the travel agencies are focusing on luxury.

Traditions, culture and organized trips are taking into consideration the prime class tourists, offering to them high quality services and dedicated assistance in the best hospitality structures to give them an exclusive experience. One of the examples comes from Japan. Jnto, the Japanese tourism office will present the Luxury Showcase. They will invite the tour operators to a special trip.

The responsibles of the official tourism agency will guide their guests in the Bit space to discover the nature and the tipical food, but also the kind hospitality by the population. In particular by the ones who manage the local inns called ryokan. On the stage there will be the northern region of Tohoku, not far from the more famous Hokkaido. Then it will be the turn of Kii Peninsula on the Pacific Ocean, in the south part of Kyoto and Osaka, with its temples and natural spa.

Japan will be also hosting country of Rugby World Cup in 2019, so it is the opportunity to involve luxury sport fans. The tournament will be held in 12 different cities, so it will be a very good opportunity to create specific tours around them. From the Asian country inside Bit will be present also All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines, to promote the flight connections between Europe and Japan.



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