Millennials and luxury

Chinese Millennials, among the different studies, are decreed the nuew luxury buyers. Some researches determined that young people born in the country between 1983 and 1997 are the luxury travellers. Not only experts are saying that, because the most famous e-commerce platforms are dedicating their marketing to this target. Not all of them are reach, but according to the facts they are always searching for products and holidays with luxury features.

Luxury watches, jewelry, clothes, bags, shoes, cars and many other products are bought by the 44% of Chinese Millennials, but their favourite purchase is represented by cruises. They love to spend their holidays on a ship, but sleeping in spacious and very well equipped rooms, with special services in order to feel like VIP. As well for the travels in general the want the best.

Those young people want to explore the world spending their nights in 5-stars hotels and Michelin stars restaurants. As well for flights and each step done during the journey must have an high level of comfort. Who has the chance to choose and to afford the luxury is oriented to catch the best opportunities, without taking care of the costs. Brands are working on Millennials development for the present and the future.



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