Italian luxury dining experience in Shanghai

At Bellagio in Shanghai, China, Julian Serrano is opening Lago, a restaurant that will propose contemporary luxury, innovative Italian and unique dining experience. Guests will be welcome from next 1st February and they will taste authentic Italian small plates on an amazing outdoor terrace surrounding by a modern design. Appetizers, as they are in the cosmopolitan cities, will be the new entrées.

Lago will propose small portion sizes in a vibrant and elegant setting without feeling stuffy or overly formal. The modern style by the cook will be dominant in the restaurant, not only for the food, but also for the environment and the dress code for customers. It is located on the sixt floor of the famous Bellagio in the Chinese city from where guests can enjoy a wonderful view on the most important buildings.

Design, architecture and high-quality cuisine are mixed, but the most important part is for sure the kitchen, directed by the European talent ulian Serrano. After his experience in Bellagio Las Vegas started in 2015, it is time to move the creativity in the Oriental side and give to Chinese and international guests special flavors signed by his ability to combine the best ingredient in order to propose the Italian dishes.

On the menu there will be present house made pastas, top grade steaks and seafood. As a special food il will be suggested the 1kg Tomahawk of aged beef. At the end of the meal the dessert will delight sweets lovers: Affogato with modern twist. Few days more to wait and then the new restaurants will open the doors to give a unique experience to the lucky clients who will enter.












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