The luxury cinema offer a special experience

Cine Gold Plex is the new heaven for regular cinema-goer. Who loves to go often to the cinema the choice of the film is less important the the comfort offered by the seats and the room used to project the movie. In Middle East this element is taken into a very big consideration, but in Pakistan, where cinema culture is always trendy. In the country the companies are doing many efforts to guarantee the best structures in the world to welcome people.

To host film lovers and to give them a unique experience are the goals of the new cinema opened in Bahria Town in Lahore. It is located in a quiet area at the entrance of the city, but the ambiance is like a -star luxury hotel. It is difficult to imagine how it is without go inside and watch a movie, but who tried said that is like to be on a great sofa at home, but the quality is higher.

The cinema is very well equipped. There are 96 ”lazyboy” recliners with a separate box office area and a separate sound system. When people open the recliner, there is still a lot of space for legs and as well to let others pass by. The gold lounge is not only a comfort experience, because it reserve to spectators high-quality image and a sound as in real meetings. The cinematic experience is without any comparison.

Cine Gold Plex offers as well a restaurant area where to find any type of food and snacks to enjoy better the movie or just to give an answer to hungry feelings. Visitors can seat in the area and choose from a menu the delicious food prepared by the expert cook. Pasta, steaks, burgers and sandwiches are really tasty and ready to satisfy any need of the film lovers.

In the red lounge and in the gold lounge and in the VIP boxes there is always the staff to give an impeccable service to support them and help the people to enjoy the movie with the proper mood. If you are planning a visit to Pakistan or you are already there, stop to watch a movie, you will be happy.



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