Ski in a luxury resort

France with its variety, Austria with its charme or Switzerland with its glamour? Who loves to ski has always the embarrassment of choice for the destination, but to find a luxury resort where to stay and spend a unique experience requires to evaluate all the offers. Many countries and many different proposals were selected by the experts of The Telegraph who made a directory.

Ski, have relax, use a spa and dance during the night. Those activities are only few of the ones that are part of the offers coming from the best resorts around the mountains. The priority anyway is always luxury, feature present in the hotels located in the best known and less know destinations. What are the countries where to go to ski for this winter? Discover them together.

France is one of the most appreciated destinations because in the Alps there are a lot of resorts, its variety is the biggest in the world. Val Thorens, for example, reserve great landscapes, from the top it is possible to see small villages of farmers. The best area, especially for luxury resorts is Les Trois Vallées, the biggest ski region in the world. Five stars hotels well equipped reserve to the clients a very warm welcome and an impeccable service.

Austria propose a singular experience with resorts dedicated to skiers and mountain lovers inside the farming villages. The areas are not big as in France, but landscapes and the panorama are really amazing. The best and most popular hotels are St Anton and Lech in the area of Arlberg. The piste maps will satisfy all types of visitors as the great equipments of the mountains and its hotels. Austria is famous as well for spa in ski areas.

Switzerland present similar features with France and Austria, but even if it is a small country, the mountain scenary, especially in Zermatt, to leav tourists without words. It is more expensive than the other countries, but the hospitality in Swiss Alps is superb and especially all the guests can find a very high-level luxury accomodations and services. It is a destination for world’s skiing elite.

Italy has different location to ski, like Appennini in central part of the country, the Alps in all northern part. Dolomites are for sure the most famous destination and the reason to choose that are is not only for the quality of the ski slopes. The great food, the fabulous ambience and the luxury resorts are the perfect invitation for mountains’ lovers. Around Gruppo del Sella it is possible to find the ideal environment to spend the holidays on the snow.

North America reserve as well gread landscapes and tracks where to ski. Canada and USA offer dumps of snow on quiet mountains. High-quality accomodation with high standards of service and courtesy are disseminated in the villages. The equipment for skiers is on the same level of the hospitality and this means that all tourists can find what they need to have a luxury break.

Among the not well known destinations there are some countries in Eastern Europe ready to give great experiences to the visitors and to ski lovers in particular. Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Slovenia have luxury structures, but of course with cheaper prices than the other countrues. Resorts as Bansko, Kranjska and Gora are good alternatives to Alps. The facilities are answering to high standards.

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