Amarone, the luxury Italian wine

One of the most famous and appreciated wines from Italy is Amarone della Valpolicella, made in Veneto region, in Valpolicella area, located between Verona and Garda Lake. It is produced in different versions, from the classical one to the more elegant or to the more aromatic, anyway the main features are a unique aroma and the best flavours. How they can make this type of wine?

There are a lot of secrets about the Amarone’s production, but one of the main elements is represented by the grape varieties. To be the real one, recognized by the sector authorities, it must use Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella grapes.The aromas and flavours of Amarone are determined by Corvina especially. It express elegance and perfume. Corvinone has a deeper colour, more tannis and tobacco-like aromas.

The second element that gives to Amarone a special taste is appassimento, a method of partially drying out the grapes. It is pressed slowly and with the same rythm it is fermented, then can become Amarone della Valpolicella. The panelist of the main faires in 2017 didn’t have doubts to recognize the value of the wine and of the process to obtain it.

For the experts it is important to focus on the difference between ripasso and appassimento. Amarone spends at least two years in wood, but is can stay there even nine years or ten years, in rare cases. The barrels are made of French and Slavonian oak through to chestnut, cherry and even acacia. The newer and the smaller barrels are generally used to contribute to a different effect on aroma and texture to support the feelings in the mouth.




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