Hotels for business women in Geneva

Who travels for work reasons has particular needs, but not all business travellers are the same. Women are demanding clients of the luxury hotels, they need attention because work means join meetings, make calls, have business meals so everything must go perfectly. That is the reason why the hotel for female business traveller has to be not only an accomodation but a real support to the guest.

Who is searching for a luxury stay during the work trip expect to have an high level service. Facilities, amenities and the staff are the main elements to choose an hotel, of course after the rooms aspect and equipment. For business women the factors to be considered: the safety of the neighborhood, the transportation of the area, the proximity to a shopping mall or shops, 24 hours concierge, 24 hours in-room dining with healty food options, the 24 hours laundry service, noise-free room, comfort beds, luxury products in the bathroom and a variety of spa treatment.

Nel-Olivia Waga, Forbes‘ contributor, from this perspective and her experience suggested three hotels in Geneva, Switzerland, to be used during the upcoming The new luxury watch fair: SIHH 2018. The most important brands of the sector will be represented in the event and many women will be there. Where they can stay? The list of the proposals is short, but clear and especially reccomended by an expert.

A business woman can feel at home at Four Season Hotel Des Bergues Geneva, a legendary building that hosted the first hotel of the city in 1834. It is well known by high class guests for its impeccable service. The spaces are quite big, but the cozy welcome helps each person to feel special. The 115 luxurious guest rooms and suites provide a magnificient view of the lake and inside the structure there are two dining restaurants and a tea room.

Mandarin Oriental Geneva offers, as well in the center of the city, the tipical Swiss charm in a modern design. It is located on the river and it gives an amazing view, but the hotel represent a good choice because of breakfast in bed service and in-room office. Without move the guest can work and relax in the room. The concierge is always ready to satisfy the wishes of the clients.

The Hotel President Wilson Geneva is really famous for its Presidential Suite or better the Royal Penthouse Suite, as it is callde. Again from here there is a marvellous view of the lake, where it is located the building, espiecially from the pool on the top. There are 204 guest rooms and 22 suites with a modern and light design ready to become a real second house for the woman business traveller. In the property is present a very good spa.













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