A luxury stay in Vilnius at Imperial Hotel & Restaurant

Baltic countries became in last years one of the favourite destinations in Europe for travellers. In recent time Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia conquested their independence and developed themselves fast, especially in IT sector. Of course that is not the reason for tourism to visit those countries, but historical buildings and nature are the real attractions.

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is really lovely, starting from the Gate of Dawn built in XVI century. The Church of Saint Anne and the Cathedral Square, with the building dedicated to the President of Lithuania house are marvellous examples of ancient architecture. In the centre there is Gediminas Castle, built in XIV century and still in great conditions. Not far from Vilnius tourist can spend time visiting the amazing Trakai lake and go up to the northern part of the country, where the suggestive Crosses Hill is waiting travellers and faithful.

Luxury is certainly part of the offer dedicated to tourists in Vilnius. In the city Anasa tired for you the Imperial Hotel & Restaurant, former Ramada. Most of the international VIP who goes to the city prefer this accomodation, because of spacious and elegant room and the great service offered to all guests. The rooms are furnished with antiques and and moder equipment as minibar, flat screen TV and Wi-Fi.

Anasa tried a room and then a suite. The second type is very big, with bedroom separated by the lounge, where there is a small kitchen. The comfort is part of the very warm welcome that the hotel reserve for all the guests. The staff is available to answer to any needs of the clients. A particular mention must be dedicated to the sumptuous breakfast. Lithuanian and international habits can be easily satisfied in the superb dining room. Fresh salmon never miss from the table.

It is easy to eat and drink inside the Imperial Hotel & Restaurant because the Bar California and the Imperial Restaurant are opern to welcome the guests for a break, lunch and dinner. The five stars accomodation is loceted behind one of the main squares in Vilnius, few minutes walking from the opera and from the city hall, in an area full of shops, restaurants, bar and entertainment.



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