Petit Palais Hotel de Charme, a luxury stay in Milan

Are you planning an holiday in the fashion city of Milan? Anasa has some advices for you. It tried a small but really charming hotel. Around the centre it’s full of great hotels, quite big and part of famous chains, but if you want to live a unique experience, as a noble of the beginning of XX century, you can book a room in an old an prestigius building at 1 chilometer from the Duomo.

Its location is perfect for who wants to visit the main attraction, join the fashion neighborhood or take part in work meetings. Petit Palais Hotel de Charme is an very good example of the elegance and the luxury tipical of Milan. You can live an unforgettable experience. The warm hospitality by the staff is not common, but it makes you feel a special guest.

Entering in the hotel the guest is welcomed by art, represented by antiques, statues, paintings and furnitures from past ceturies. The all building is protected by the State as heritage and that is the peculiarity for each room. It is not possible to find a room similar to another, but each of them have a very modern equipment, starting from Wi-Fi connection, minibar, a safe where to put the laptop and also the machine for tea and coffee.

In the rooms there are old decor and ancient artworks, but another marvellous surprise is the breakfast, served in a superb dining room. The variaty of food, salted and sweet, different types of juices and the opportunity to ask to the waiters what you want is really the best way to start the day when you are on holiday or you have to go to work. Around the hotel there are shops, restaurant and bars, so you can enjoy the city and the nightlife as well.

The old style of the rooms and the attention of the staff gives the chance to guests to enter in the past world and live the stay in the atmosphere tipical of the very important people of Milan. If you will book this hotel, you will be certainly satisfied by the service and the environment and you will go back there during your next trip to the international city, the capital of fashion.



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