A 3 stars dinner in Rome at La Pergola

Luxury is part of life and it means to dedicate attention to ourselves, living unique experiences. Imagine how it can be if one of the elements is food. Eat is not only necessary to sustain our body, but to make a trip into the culture, into the tradition, into the innovation and into the pleasure. A magnificient restaurant and a great chef are the combination of an exclusive dinner.

If you are in Rome you can not skip a visit to La Pergola, the 3 Michelin stars restaurant of Hilton Cavalieri Hotel. Many tourists are going there to live their luxury roman experience and all of them are satisfied in the end. Anasa tried it for you, to give you some advices: it is confirmed, it is really one of the best restaurants that you can find in the world.

It’s even difficult to decide from where to start to describe this great example of culinary hospitality, but maybe it’s important to use the reservation service at the beginning. It is possible to use the website, the e-mail, the phone and the fax. A very kind staff is always ready to answer fast, but it is necessary to make the reservation at least one month earlier, because it is almost always fully booked.

The welcome of the staff is simply unique and there is a personal waiter behind each table, ready to fill the glass with wine or with water when some of it is missing. As usual in Michelin start restaurants as a starter and as taste support in the middle of the courses are always offered some interesting creations. The combination of high quality ingredients, well cooked by the master of the kitchen and his collaborators.

The maitre is a good councellor to choose the best dishes on the menu, according to the personal taste of the guests and a team of professional waiters will tace care of the clients, giving personalized products, as a superb oil to be used on bread before to start to eat and explaining the ingredients of the ordered dishes. Everything is impeccable and tought to offer an unforgettable experience.

At the end of the dinner the guests have the opportunity to meet and to talk with the chef, the famous Heinz Beck. He is German, but married in Italy and he knows very well the Italian food and the best recipies. He is really able to innovate and to propose interesting tastes. He goes around the tables to listen the opinions of the customers and to greet them.

If you want to give a present to someone of special, you can buy gift certificates and who will receive them will have only to reserve a table and enjoy the dinner. From the restaurant everyone can have an amazion view of Rome, the famous ”Cupola” of Vatican and the best attractions of the city saw by the top of one of the highest hotels in ethernal city. In summer it is possible to dine on the terrace.

As we say in Italy: Buon appetito! (Good appetite!)



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