Dacor has a new high-end luxury lineup for the home

Dacor is a home appliance brand born 50 years ago in Southern California and it is a leader of the luxury market in its sector. Now the company announced that it will show the new built-in lineup, that is including some products award-winning Modernist Collection. From today to Thursady 11th January the new kitchen will be present in Orlando, Florida, at the 2018 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show.

The technology of the products is signed by Samsung, partner of Dacor since 2016. The premium features by Samsung and the aesthetics features by Dacor are united to give to clients a luxury and high value kitchen in their houses. The proposal is made in four packages, to give to customers four different lifestyle. The personality of each proposal must be accorded to the one of the buyer.

In the fair it is possible to see Modernist Collection in three zones and in the fourth one there is Heritage Collection. Builders and designers are ready to tailore the kitchen on the consumer lifestyle, adapting the showed models to the specific preferences and needs of who is going to buy the kitchen. It is an opportunity to give to the home the maximum efficiency to prepare the meals and also a touch of luxury to have an added value.

The Social Hub will show a luxurious kitchen as a platform for parties and catering events. It is of course a good idea to celebrate the new products inside the house, inviting friends and see how the Dacor proposal is working. The Creative Studio, instead, will showcase how a compact kitchen, for small spaces can unite practicality and luxury, in a innovative design.

In the Fair and in its showroom is ready to give all the details of the singole appliance to give perfection to the house.



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