New Gucci Restaurant in Florence

The fashion luxury brand Gucci is going to open a restaurant on next 9th January in the central Piazza della Signoria, in Florence, Italy. There aren’t so many news about it, because the managers of the Italian company want to mantain the secrecy on the opening. The famous cook Bottura already prepared the menu with a variety of specialties.

The ground floor of Palazzo della Mercanzia, between Palazzo Gondi and Palazzo Vecchio, will oper next Tuesday and the Gucci Garden restaurant will start to welcome its guests. In the building visitors will find food, but also a museum and a luxury boutique of the brand. Not public it will be the maison archive. The Florence brand chosen the best Italian cook of the moment from the Osteria Francescana of Modena.

Massimo Bottura is the number one of the world ranking filled by San Pellegrino 50 Best of last year and for this year he is at the second place. Bottura is a 3 Michelin stars cook and interviewed by journalists he just said that his restaurant in Modena will be close till 15th January to renew the menu. He is not saying anything about the new adventure in Florence.

From his staff there is someone who gave some hints about the opening menu: Chianina hot-dog, tacos and tortellini. At midnight they will cook and offer to guest spaghetti. The surprise to the invited people to the opening ceremony and as well to whom will choose the Florence restaurant is a wish of Marco Bizzarri, manager of Gucci and one of the 20 most influential managers in the world.

Bottura will be the main chef and he will be present for the first days, but then to represent hin in the Gucci Garden there will be Ana Karime Lopez Kondo a young cook of Colombian origins and coming from the restaurant Central in Lima, one of the bests of South America. She is married with Taka Kondo, sous chef of Bottura. Another secret revealed is one of the dishes proposed in the menu: “Taka-ban”, a stramed bread with pork merat and spicy sauce, dedicated to Kondo.

There will be as well tortillas and many other recipies from a mixture among Mexican, Japanese and Italian food. The style of Gucci Garden will be “n-ni”, as French people define this kind of restaurants. It won’t be a gourmet and neither a bistrot, but guests will taste high quality food, to have pleasure and fun, as the cooks said. They promised a love story between the restaurant and the tourists in Florence. To be tried.




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