cup for coffee is a symbol for Italy, where the Espresso is a must, and the gold means luxury. That is why the cup in the picture was chosen to represent this blog.

To explain what Anasa is, it’s important to start from Swahili language, spoken in many African countries. The meaning is: luxury, pleasure, enjoyment and sensuality. All the people around the world want to have pleasure, to enjoy and to try the sensuality of luxury. Use a Swahili word has of course a reason and it comes from a peculiarity: it was developed to develop exchanges between Africa and Asia, it is open to influences for that, but it never loose its structure and connect all the people in the continent.

So you have some elements: coffee means that this blog is made in Italy, where luxury is an excellence. The name of the blog comes from an old and important language, used to connect different cultures and to communicate luxury and pleasure together. So you should imagine easily the topic od Asana, but to know more about the blog, there are the questions and answers.


An Italian with a big passion for luxury, always updated on the last news, who wants to share information and opinions, but also some hints.


The blog has contents about luxury in all the aspects: some general information, news about lifestyle, hotels, restaurants, design and fashion brands, cars, services, wellness and all what is part of luxury.


There are a lot of blogs and websites belonging to luxury, but Asana is going to mix news and direct experience with products and services. It’s a real travel inside the asana, where pleasure and luxury are meeting each other in a single word.


Everyday there are post, news and comments about events, new products and luxury services.


Asana is now on the blog, on Twitter and on Instagram, but who knows, if it will grow up, it will be somewhere else…

Enjoy the reading!



p.s.: in the blog address you can read ”angu”, that it means just “my”.


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